How a Mice Infestation Can Affect You, Your Family, and Your Home

Mice infest millions of homes during the cold months, affecting not just your health but also your home’s health. Mice and other rodents will wish to stay warm, so they tend to find their way into your house to live there. Unfortunately, mice carry different viruses and can cause devastating damage to your house. 

To get rid of mice in your house, you should call a company that specializes in pest control in Schertz, TX. Otherwise, you could end up chasing invisible enemies in your walls. 

How Mice Can Affect You and Your Family

Rodents like mice or rats can pose threats to your health and the health of your loved ones. Because they reproduce fast, a few mice can quickly turn into an infestation. Mice can spread different viruses and diseases through their feces. These feces can harm you when dried and breathed. Also, they can contaminate food and infect you this way. The viruses and diseases they can carry include bubonic plague, hantavirus, rat-bite fever, and salmonellosis. They can create severe health issues for those affected. 

The Damage Mice Can Cause to Your House

Rodents can become a serious issue in your house, causing expensive repairs and extermination fees. They like to burrow into wherever they want to build their nests such as insulation, old furniture cushions, and old boxes. Also, mice will chew anything they can use to build their nest. Thus, they could chew through wires and insulation to create a new home. They can make their nests in electrical appliances, posing a threat of fire in your house. If you want to avoid a mice infestation, you should take precautions to protect your house against these unwanted visitors. 

Making Your Home Mice-Proof

To ensure mice won’t be able to invade your home, you must eliminate all entry points. But, this can be hard to do since mice can easily squeeze themselves into very small openings. Generally, when a pencil can fit into a crack, opening, or hole, a mouse can also get through it. 

Moreover, it is important to seal foundation cracks and wall openings. Consider using steel wool and caulking. Do not use rubber, plastic, or wood since mice can easily gnaw through them. 

Also, good sanitation will help prevent an infestation from happening. Mice tend to survive on 3-4 grams of food every day. Thus, they just need a few crumbs to survive. To make sure you don’t attract them, vacuum your flood sand wipe down counters. You should also store food in airtight containers or glass jars. 

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