Mistakes to Avoid When Relocating a Business

If a small business has enjoyed a few years of success and is fast becoming a part of the local community, it is time to search for a larger venue and if you thought moving house was complicated, relocating a business brings unique challenges. Unlike a residence, you can’t simply turn a business off and do nothing for a few days while you relocate.

If you are soon to be outgrowing your office space, here are a few mistakes to avoid.

  • Lack of planning – As the business has to be managed, the relocation is extra work and in order to minimise the use of HR, you need to plan the operation. Talk to one of the office removalists in Melbourne and let the professionals handle the relocation; this ensures that your business is online 24/7 and there is zero downtime.
  • Use in-house resources – If you have a few workers with not much to do, you might think to save some money and do the relocation in-house. Relocating a business is no easy task to complete; use the people that do this for a living, they have the resources, equipment and know-how to carry out a smooth move.
  • Utilities – You can’t move into a building with no power, water or telecommunications; everything needs to connected and the space is ready for occupation. The venue you are leaving also needs to have the utilities disconnected; if the new offices are close by, you can use the same provider.
  • Failing to do an inventory – If you don’t meticulously record every single asset the company has, how will you know if anything got lost in the relocation? Put someone on this as soon as you know the move is going to happen and when you receive the lists, identify items that are not included in the move and prepare temporary storage.

If you organise everything in advance and use a professional office removalist, the relocation will happen without incident and you can continue to develop and expand your operation.

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