Gadgets To Take The Hard Work Out Of keeping Your Home Hot Tub Or Spa Clean

It’s a well known fact that if you own a hot tub or spa then you need to spend time keeping it clean. Lack of hygiene is one of the main causes of bacterial growth in a warm and wet environment such as a hot tub or spa and without a proper cleaning regime you could be putting your health at risk. Of course how long you spend keeping it clean can depend on the gadgets and equipment you are using so take a look at some of the items on the market that could make your life easier.

Make the job of skimming leaves from the water simple by using a Leaf Skim Net. If you go for one with a telescopic handle you’ll easily reach those that float into the middle of the water without too much stretching.

For those leaves that always seem to accumulate on the bottom you are going to need some type of pool vac. Make light work of the job with a Pool Blaster Aqua Broom. Designed to pick up sand, grit, small stones, leaves and other debris, the aqua broom is powered by 5 D-cell batteries giving up to three hours of running time; enough to clean the largest of hot tubs and spas several times over. It can be used by hand or can be attached to a telescopic pole and incorporates a reusable filter bag for economy.


You are always going to get stubborn areas of dirt or algae so equip yourself with a Mytee Mitt for easy removal. Simply slip over your hand and the non-scratch cleaning bristles will act as mini scrapers to lift the dirt without too much effort. Can also be used to clean your patio furniture or your shower for added value.

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