Why So Many Australians Are Turning to Custom Home Design

When a person wishes to buy a property, they normally start by looking at available properties listed by local real estate agents, yet there are alternatives, one of which is to have the home designed to your own specifications.

What’s not to like about designing your own living space?

A great deal of thought should go into a new home design; you should consider whether nor not you plan to extend at some point in the future and if so, design the house accordingly. The in-house design team are happy to spend the time it takes to explore various options and with the best custom home builders in Canberra, you can rest assured your new home will be just as you imagined it would look.


There might have been a time when having a house built to specifications was expensive, however, with the right custom builder, you can afford to design your dream home. If you have a budget in mind, approach a custom builder and get an accurate estimate and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Sourcing Land

The custom builder can acquire a desired plot of land, should that be required; if, for example, you saw an old house in the perfect location, you could acquire the land, demolish the building and build the perfect home. You may already own the land, in which case, all you need is planning permission and the build can go ahead.

Knock Down & Rebuild

Let’s say you find the perfect location for your dream home, which is currently occupied by a run-down building that is in need of repair. Properties such as these are usually sold at a discount and purchasing enables you to have the house knocked down and your dream home constructed in its place. Once the build is finished, have the property valued and you should see a healthy return on your investment.

Retirement Homes

Most of those who have their dream home built are of retirement age; having paid off the mortgage, a couple about to retire could afford to invest in a custom-built property. Some sell the large family home when their last child leaves home and they downsize to a custom bungalow in Brisbane, where they can spend their golden years.

If you would like to learn more about custom home builds, start with an online search for custom builders in your area and make an appointment to share a video call with one of their staff.

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