Reflect on the Fashionable Side of French Mirrors

There are only a few items in the world of interior design and home décor that happen to be associated with elegance and glamour quite as naturally as a mirror. A mirror may seem like a simple piece of furnishing to some. But to the trained eye it’s an accoutrement that can do everything from accentuate a room’s best features, to allowing you and your guests to admire your own features in its reflection.

Here are just a few ways to pick out a mirror that’s sure to substantiate any room in the house.

Au Francais

From the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles to the recurring motif of mirrors in the films of Jean Cocteau, the French have had a long and glamourous association with mirrors of all shapes and sizes. Venetian glass mirrors and frames are some of the most sought after in the world. Not only do they look absolutely stunning, but their cultural association is also bound to impress any guest.

What’s more, French-style mirrors offer something particularly rare and precious in the world of home décor—staying power. Styles are always changing in the fashion and décor worlds, but the French have held their own and remained consistently chic for centuries now. Decorating and redecorating your home can be a bit of hassle—to say nothing of the expenses associated with it—so going “Au Francais” with your mirror style can be a great way to be in style both now and stay that way twenty years down the line.

Fashionable Side of French Mirrors

Frame of Mind

One of the most underrated aspects of any painting is the frame in which it is hung. A great frame can add tremendously to the overall effect of a painting, and that’s likewise the case with a mirror. The same general aesthetic ethos is at play in both painting and mirror frames, namely finding a design that accentuates while not overpowering the featured item. However, while framed paintings display a work of art, with full length wall mirrorsyou are the work of art. When you gaze into a mirror, you will see yourself front and centre, perfectly reflected. Therefore, you want to select mirrors and frames that you feel not only look nice, but likewise reflect your personality as well. Are you an outdoors type? A wooden, smooth-grained rustic-looking frame can help reflect that personality trait. Perhaps you’re an avid art lover? A frame with everything from frills to fleur de lis can help evoke that sense of style and class. Maybe you’re just a regular goofball and want to show off your funny side? A kitschy frame can do just that.

Reflecting Space

How an artist uses space and perspective is one of the essential principles of art. Home décor is likewise an art, and provides you with features that you’re able to manipulate to do wonders for your home. One of the oldest and most venerable ways to make rooms look more spacious than they actually are is through the use of mirrors. Strategically mount wall mirrors in places where they can reflect and thus project items that you want emphasised, and you’ll quickly see what a difference it makes.

Reflect on this and project confidence and class with fine French mirrors.


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