Which Professionals To Choose For Your Bathroom Renovation?

When you want to renovate your bathroom, you need to call on several trades, including:

  • A plumber/heating technician, for the installation of the water distribution networks, the taps, the connections with the water heater and the work of ventilation and aeration
  • An electrician for the electricity grid and its upgrading
  • A tiler to dress your walls and floors
  • A painter who will beautify your ceiling and your walls

As you can see, bathroom remodelling requires a lot of different artisans, which gives you a choice: either you call on a versatile artisan, or you opt for a construction supervisor and his team.

The Work Supervisor

The advantage of the work supervisor is that you have only one manager and contact for your work. He coordinates the various trades himself as a conductor. It is a saving of time and significant serenity:

  • No need to contact each professional, just one
  • No puzzle to coordinate the schedules of each
  • In the event of unforeseen events on a trade, it is the works manager who is responsible for finding a solution (whether human or material)
  • In administrative terms, you only have one invoice with each detailed item

How To Find Serious Professionals

Guarantees And Insurance

As a first step, you must ensure that the toronto bathroom repair & renovations expert has the necessary protection for bathroom work and especially the ten-year warranty, which guarantees the repair of damage that may occur after the job.

The Antecedents Of Society

In a second step, check the background of the company. We have all heard about companies that close and re-open without knowing why! Do not hesitate to ask for two or three references to ensure the reliability of the company.

How To Make Sure Your Bathroom Quote Is Right?

Every Detail Matters

To be serene on the estimate defined by your craftsman, make sure that each batch is detailed: electricity, plumbing, floor covering, wall, toilets, shower, Of course, avoid bulk quotes with only marked “Renovation room baths “and the price. This is the best way for you not to have the desired result.

Be Careful When Comparing Quotes

Beware of too substantial price differences. Note, a tariff too low will necessarily hide screws: poor product quality, lousy tracking DTU (Unified Technical Documents) etc.

Compare what is comparable. We tend to take only the price into account when comparing several quotes. Be careful to compare the services provided: does the cheapest professional supply the materials? Does he apply two coats of paint in the paint lot? Does it offer the same guarantees in case of problems? The quality of the service has its advantage over the price.

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