Is The Replacement Of The Windows Chargeable To The Tenant?

Are you a tenant and want to replace your windows? You had a broken window, and you want to take advantage of it to change the type of window? Is it up to the landlord or tenant to pay experts in replacement windows and doors installation in etobicoke for replacement or broken window?

Duty To Maintain Tenants

The tenant must take care of the routine maintenance of the home he lives. He must use the devices and installations at his disposal in the right way, and take care not to damage them.

It is the duty of the tenant to take care of the lubrication of the hinges, but also to replace all small damaged parts. The tenant must also take care of the replacement of the broken windows.

It also depends on the type of window you have in your home. Well-maintained wooden windows will last a long time, provided they are treated against moisture and disease. Wood is a noble and living material, which you can repair when using preventive treatment (oil, varnish) and curative (a treatment against fungi). PVC windows are more delicate, and it is quickly necessary to call a glazier to make the required repairs.

In Case Of Broken Glass

The tenant is obliged to bear the expenses related to a broken window and to replace it if necessary. In case of breakage of ice, tell your owner and contact a glazier during a working day. A glazier will not be able to make an emergency window replacement because he will need to take the measurements as well as to cut the glass.

Duty To Rent A Decent Home From The Owner

The owner undertakes to rent a safe and comfortable. It must overcome all the repairs that are necessary for obsolescence and replace the devices that require it. The owner does not bear the cost of a lack of maintenance or improper use of a device made available to the tenant.

Thus, in case of tile or broken glass, it is up to the tenant to take care of the repair of the window, but there are very few cases where the owner could ask for the full payment of new windows.

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