Preparing Your Home for the Holiday Reveal

Many homeowners time their home remodeling jobs to be completed in time for the holidays.  Showing off the enlarged spaces, updated kitchens and luxurious baths is a matter of pride after putting in months of hard work.  After all, most homeowners say they needed the work done to add value to the property, and have space to accommodate loved ones to begin with.  So what better time to show off the results than this time of year.

They are sure to love the upscale touches you’ve added throughout with trendy items you bought using Groupons to shop Yoox online.  You don’t have to tell them you snagged a Carlo Moreti vase for a song.  But what kind of friend would you be if you didn’t.  You can save up to 50% off holiday shopping on selected items, and use coupon codes for special deals and exclusive offers.  And using Groupon really makes sense when you consider the items purchased from Yoox today will grow in value as the years pass.  And while you’re at it, you can shop for the entire family from their exclusive selection of clothes for men, women and children.  They offer free shipping with purchase which will save additional time and money.

Hosting the family clan can be frustrating or fun, depending on how you prepare for it.  One thing you can do to help them appreciate your hard work is bring out your before and after scrapbook, or videoblog of the step-by-step transformation.  It may bore some and fascinate others, but you won’t have to repeat the story every time the doorbell rings.

If you have plans to update your home in the new year, another great idea is to create a time capsule by asking everyone to bring something that represents their future self.  Seal it in a plastic container you can store in the garage for at least 5 years, then put it away with great ceremony.  When the day comes, you’ll have a snap shot off the old digs to compare when you reveal the new, and can chart the growth of everyone involved.  When that time comes, you’ll be glad you shopped Yoox with Groupon when you look at the beautiful items that you bought.


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