Garden Structures to Support Your Growing

Growing your own food is one of the most rewarding activities a person can undertake. They even say that no food tastes finer than the ingredient you have grown yourself. This makes sense, considering the significant uptake in gardening that residents across the UK have enjoyed in recent years. The value of homes with gardens have risen, garden tools sales are rising, and more people than ever seem to be finding their green thumb.

One of the main limitations experienced by those hoping to support their own kitchen with fresh food is the weather. Our British climate can both be inconsistent and generally too cold, at least for many delicious ingredients. This is why gardeners and growers turn to garden structures, those that keep out the breeze and protect from the frost.

Mini Greenhouses

A smaller, more affordable greenhouse is the perfect idea for beginners. It relieves the significant investment that comes with a standard greenhouse and can be much more accommodating to gardening newcomers, with less maintenance to perform.

These units typically come in tiers and are covered with a clear plastic protector or glass panels. They do well to protect seedlings, keeping them warm, and have great accessibility. The only restrictions come from their size and positioning. Shelves may limit the height of growing plants, preventing your crop of tomatoes from being too comfortable, and their freestanding structure means that they are much safer when attached to a building or support, preventing them from blowing over.


If you are just starting out, hoping to encourage your first crop of seeds to sprout, but don’t want to make an initial investment until you feel comfortable, you should consider a pre-existing or multipurpose garden structure. A shed, log cabin, or annexe can each be a suitable location for seedlings, even without the extra support of heat lamps and insulation.


Polytunnels are a varied structure and, depending on the size of your garden and intended crop, you will be certain to find something useable. These lightweight structures are also easy to assemble and of great value too, producing an amazing amount of heat that is sure to help even the most demanding plants grow throughout the year.

In addition to their affordability, their simple structure also allows them to be easily taken apart and moved, which is advantageous for those likely to redesign their garden or potentially move home.


The most iconic garden growing structure is considered a classic for a reason. These clear buildings are unrivalled when it comes to keeping your plants away from pests and maintaining their warmth through the winter. Most greenhouses are also full-sized structures too, ensuring that one or two residents can comfortably enter without issue.

In addition to their practical capabilities, greenhouses are also generally favoured by homebuyers, helping to increase property value. Though, this could be a correlation as those properties tend to also have a large garden, one big enough to accommodate the outdoor structure’s size!

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