Garage Door Repair Tips for Savvy Homeowners

Know When to Get Garage Door Repair

As a homeowner, all home maintenance falls on your shoulders, including anything to do with your garage door. Now, sometimes it will be easy to know when it’s time to call for garage door repair, other times it won’t. The good thing is you can use the following list to determine if you need to set an appointment for garage door repair says.


  • Your garage door won’t open or shut completely – A garage door that only partially opens and shuts just won’t cut it. Truth be told, it’s no longer functional or safe. Get your garage door professionally inspected and do not attempt to repair it on your own. 
  • Your garage door won’t open or close at all – If you can’t open or shut your garage door, you are most likely in need of emergency garage door services. This is because your garage door may no longer safely aligned on it’s tracks. Get same day service if possible and don’t even think about touching the tracks, it’s simply out of your pay grade and not safe. 
  • Your garage door is rather noisy – Your garage door should not make its presence known every time you operate it. If you can hear it in another room of your home, then call to get your garage door inspected. It more than likely it in dire need of maintenance work. 
  •  Your garage door is over 20 years old – Your garage door needs to be replaced every 20 years or so. If your garage door is at the 20 year mark then it’s time to get it inspected and see if it is indeed time to replace it. 

Opt for Yearly Garage Door Maintenance

Are you maintaining your garage door? If the answer is no, then it’s time to sign up for a maintenance plan with your local garage door repair company. You can either go for a yearly plan or a twice yearly plan. This is an easy way to keep up with your garage door and prevent costly repairs down the line. 

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