10 Reasons why you need an air Purifier

It is a common notion among people to make sure that the air they breathe is pure. Few impurities in the air will easily affect the health of a person and will be seen out in the form of breathing troubles and allergies. Needless to say, such conditions have led to introduction of air purifiers in the market. These are devices that can be installed in households as well as commercial spaces if you feel that the air you breathe is impure. Explore and learn about the 10 important reasons as to why it is essential to install an air purifier:

  • Protection for family:

People in your house may be allergic to dust particles and even children find it difficult to breathe in air that is filled with allergens and other particles. Fixing a device that purifies the air can prove to be beneficial to you and your family.

  • Prevents allergies:

The air that we regularly breathe is filled with pollen and other forms of allergens that might cause some form of skin problems in few people. Medications for such conditions are available but it is always better to install these purifiers for precaution.

  • Protection from chemicals:

The cleaning liquids and the solutions that you use for cleaning your household have what is called as the volatile organic compounds. These compounds can easily evaporate and the particles linger behind. Installing purifiers will act as a barrier from such compounds.

  • Protection from dust in the house:

Dust gets generated when you plan on cleaning the house. In this case, try turning on the purifier so as to make sure that the air you breathe is free from dust particles that arise when you often undertake the task of cleaning the house.

  • Pets in the house:

If you have pets in the house, they tend to shed their hair at least once in a month. People who are allergic to pets can keep themselves protected by installing the purifier in their houses.

  • Smoke from cigarettes:

Though it is not advisable to smoke within the house, few people tend to take up the habit. It is better to install a purifier with a high quality HEPA filter, which will filter out the smoke from the air and facilitate pure air to breathe.

  • Allergens from the outside:

Dust or allergens like pollen can find their way into your house, if you come in contact with a flowering plant or if you walk over grass. A purifier will help you to get rid of the pollen from the air.

  • Damp interior:

If your walls or your flooring seems to have got damp after a rain, make sure to get a purifier to remove the impurities that come along with damp surroundings.

  • People with respiratory problems:

Asthma is a common breathing problem and if you have such people with such conditions in your house, it is safe to install an air purifier in the house. This will filter out the impurities and provide them with ease to breathe.

  • Chemical sensitivity:

Make sure to fix a carbon based filter purifier for your house if you live near a gas station or a chemical factory. People sensitive to few chemicals will find it easy to breathe with a purifier.


Here is why you need to fix these devices along with a water purifier in your house.  Witnessing a critical development in growing pollution levels, it is very essential for one and all to install air & water purifiers in their living spaces. This will not only prevent oneself from respiratory issues but will ensure a long and lasting healthy life.

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