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Reasons to Get Your Trees Pruned This Spring


You need to prune your trees at certain times of the year. After the snow melts and the winter season is over, spring pruning should be at the top of your priority list. However, tree pruning can be a dangerous activity for non-professionals. You can search for “tree service near me” and hire professionals to do the job for you. Let’s check out a few benefits of pruning your trees this spring:

The Reasons

  1. Promotes tree health – Pruning involves cutting away dead and diseased parts of a tree. It includes branches, certain parts of the stem, and more. When you don’t prune your tree, the dead branches and limbs weigh on the tree and eventually break off from it while inflicting severe damage to the tree.

Moreover, diseased and infected parts of the tree get to spread the infection towards the healthy parts of the tree. Delaying pruning may kill your favorite tree from the inside out. Apart from mitigating health risks, pruning also enables the tree to get more resources. Pruning clears dead branches and limbs and allows more sunlight and air to the healthier parts of the tree. This is especially important for trees right before they enter the spring growth spurt.

  1. Promotes fruit production – If you forgot to prune your trees during the dormant winter season, you may get to it as soon as the spring season hits. You need to prune the tree during its dormant stage so that it can use its resources more efficiently. When you remove dead and decaying branches, the tree doesn’t need to waste resources on trying to keep those parts alive.

Instead, it can direct its resources to healthier parts of the tree, especially on new buds. Your tree can bloom in all its glory and attract all sorts of pollinators to grow the juiciest fruits. This helps the tree to spread its genetic code more efficiently and rewards you with tasty treats.

  1. Eliminates safety risks – When a tree has dead and decayed branches that are uncared for, it becomes a massive liability to itself and the people or property around it. Dead branches are very weak and can break off at any time. The same holds with diseased branches that get hollower by the day and would come down with a strong draft of the wind. The same holds if the tree is growing disproportionately towards one side.

In all such cases, a fallen branch or limb of the tree can harm individuals around it. It can harm you and your loved ones. It can also harm neighbors and strangers who’d slap you with a fat lawsuit for compensation. Fallen limbs are also heavy enough to completely obliterate your landscape and destroy your home if the tree is anywhere near it. Even a hollow and dead limb is heavy enough to bring down the roof and the wall. Pruning helps you avoid this problem.

  1. Higher property value – Everyone knows trees, landscaping, shrubs, and other outdoor features can increase the value of your property. That’s one of the reasons people like to plant and care for exotic trees on their property. However, if the trees aren’t pruned and well maintained, they can have the opposite effect.

The dead and unhealthy parts of your trees are very visible, and it will turn off potential buyers. No one wants to buy a yard that looks like it belongs in a horror movie. Loose hanging and dead branches are an eyesore and endanger the buyer’s safety. That’s why it discourages any sort of investment.

Even if you get a buyer, he or she will do everything in their might to lowball you with the unkempt trees and yard as the perfect bargaining chip. That’s why you should get your trees pruned at the right time. Well-groomed trees look gorgeous and enhance the overall aesthetics of your property. That increases its market value.

  1. More sunlight – Both trees and humans need sunlight. Trees need it to make food and humans need it to produce vital nutrients like Vitamin D. With low exposure to sunlight, you would have a weak immunity system and fall prey to the flu and other diseases. When you don’t prune your trees, they can grow in the undesired direction and block out sunlight coming through your windows.

The tree also gets to use sunlight more efficiently when it’s pruned. Moreover, when you leave trees unpruned and block sunlight to your home, you have to shell out heftier energy bills to keep your home warm.

  1. Overgrowth control – If you haven’t pruned your trees in the past year, it’s best to prune them during the spring season and check their overgrowth. Trees grow like all living beings. However, unlike you growing your hair a bit longer, overgrowing tree branches can extend into your window and crack the glass.

An overgrowing tree can also extend towards the road and the power lines. In such cases, you’ll be liable for the obstruction it causes to traffic and the damage it may cause to utility companies. Overgrowing trees can also encroach into your neighbor’s property and cause disputes that may escalate over time. That’s why you should prune your trees this spring and avoid future problems.

  1. You get a better view – Your home is in a beautiful suburb and at an elevation that gives you a grand view of the nearest city. However, you won’t be able to enjoy this view when your unpruned trees are obstructing your view. Spring is the season when plants bloom and show all sorts of mesmerizing sights. You don’t want to miss that. Prune your trees in early spring.


Pruning your trees during the spring season has numerous benefits. It makes the tree healthier and stronger and also eliminates any risk to property and people around the tree. However, pruning requires a lot of safety precautions and experience. Leave that to the right professionals by searching for “tree service near me”.

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