Water damage can be a nightmare. Water being sneaky can sneak into the house and wreak havoc if proper precautions are not taken. In the case of water damage, prevention is always better than cure. Whether you are looking for prevention solutions or a cure, directwaterproofing.ca  will be there to help you out. Their knowledge and understanding of waterproofing will help to protect your home from water damage. They will also provide solutions to reverse the damage that has already been caused. There are installations and steps that you can undertake, which can prevent water damage. Some of them are as follows.

Window Well Installation

The window well can also give rise to leaks and dampness. This happens when the window is located at or below the ground level. In such a case, they should have a window well. The wells have been designed in such a manner that they shed water the way roof shingles do. When water fills up the well, it is poured out through the seals of the window. This way it helps to prevent water damage. It is essential to keep the water wells clean. Clogged wells can cause water to collect which can seep back into the basement.

French Drains

Little pools of water in the yard, basement or along the side of the home can be really dangerous. If they aren’t taken care of in time, the water can seep into the basement and cause it to flood. This can further cause structural damage to the house. This problem can easily be dealt with by installing French drains. A well-maintained drain protects the house by redirecting the water away from the soil which is around your home. Perforated pipes are used to collect the accumulated water. This water is then redirected to the absorbant gravel. Installing French drains in your home can help to prevent water build-ups which causes cracks and flooding.

Sump Pump Installation

If there is a lot of water collected in your basement, a sump pump is the best way to deal with it. The basement can get pooled due to heavy rainfall or floods. The sump pump works to protect your home by channelling the water to the outside of the house. When you have a sump pump, it can protect your house from floodwaters, moisture accumulation and leaks. Sump pumps are a must-have for basements in home and office spaces.

Back Flow Preventers

Backflow happens when the sewage comes back up the pipes and then enters the basement. Those who have faced it would agree that this can wreak havoc of a new kind. Installation of backflow preventers can protect your home from this. The preventer is a mechanical device that helps to ensure that the water flows only in one direction, i.e. away from home. Having a preventer helps to keep the potable and non-potable water separate. It also prevents flooding due to water and sewage backflow. Installing a backflow preventer in time can go a long way in protecting your home.

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